a) In case if paid VIP or PLATINUM ads posted in advertising directory ALENTADORAS.COM were paid for an erroneous period, the return of funds will be applied via the same method used to pay for the selected services. Above mentioned situation will be applied only if it is reported within 24 business hours after the erroneous payment was made, the payment will be reimbursed during 72 business hours after sending the confirmation email "Report Received" by our staff. The confirmation will be sent to the indicated email after completing your report in the "Contact Us" form. Non-registered email addresses in our platform might involve additional verification steps.

b) If you have been a victim of fraud, where one of your payment methods has been used to pay for VIP and / or PLATINUM advertisement(s) in the advertising directory ALENTADORAS.COM and you demand the refund your funds, you will need to provide requested documents that are to verify your identity and provide the proof that the payment method used in this directory is really yours. The supply of the documents requested may vary according to the payment method used in the transaction that was reported.

In case if the fraud is affirmed, the ad related to the reported transaction will be suspended and subsequently eliminated, and the advertiser will be blocked from accessing the services and/or contents of ALENTADORAS.COM permanently. Once the investigation is completed and the data of the person reporting the loss is confirmed, the funds will be reimbursed during the next 72 business hours via the same payment method and to the same account or Debit/Credit card, without exceptions.

c) will NOT reimburse the "ONE TIME" payment for “Profile Verification Services”, unless a fraudulent transaction is reported. If you have selected this option, and you do not wish to obtain the "permanent" verified ad status, you will always be able to go through the verification process later, but you will not be able to claim the return of your funds. There will be no exceptions.

d) will NOT be responsible if you make the payment of the services in this directory by mistake and you do not notice in time. You can use the contracted services responsibly during the selected time according to the disputed transaction, but you will not be able to claim reimbursement for it. There will be no exceptions.